Free Money - Adsense Alternative

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Alternative to the Adsense with new features:

- Revenue sharing
- Affiliate program
- Customize ads placement
- Multiple website for placement allowed
- Accept Paypal for payment

Adsense has a very strict adsense policy which you don't have choice to follow in order to get paid by Google. Pogads.com allows you to place the number of ads you want, where you want, the way you want it. Not only does it give you the flexibility you need, but it also catches the eye of the surfer, meaning more clicks for the publishers and more exposure for the advertisers. Also for advertisers being allowed to use any sign of punctuations, 1 uppercase word, and dynamic insertion of the city, country, site allows killer conversion. Publishers don't have to be scared to see bad ads on their sites they control the ads they allow. Start making free and easy money.


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